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UNICEF and Radio Mirchi launch ‘Radio Schooling’ to promote learning of children at home in Chhattisgarh


In an unique initiative to ensure the learning of children at home, UNICEF in association with Radio Mirchi will launch ‘Radio Schooling’ campaign in Chhattisgarh, from this Monday ( 23 March), through the easily accessible medium of radio. Following the closure of schools due to COVID19 pandemic, children in the state are at home without much education and playing time, for the last 10 days.

The campaign aims to ensure children continue to learn at home and make good use of the time with family to strengthen the bonds. It would support parents and caregivers to meaningfully engage with children using fun-filled activities and games. The initiative will help parents and caregivers of children of 3-12 years.

The campaign, named as “Mirchi Ki Pathshala”, will air for five days in a week from Monday to Friday at 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM in the evening from 23 March. It will be available in 98.3 Mirchi in Raipur, 91.1 Mirchi in Raigarh and 91.9 Mirchi in Durg.

Job Zachariah, Chief of UNICEF office in Chhattisgarh said that the radio schooling initiative will create an enabling environment for parents, caregivers and children to spend quality time. “The suggested activities will help children learn, play and bond with the family members. It will provide psycho-social support to children, who may have anxiety and stress, due the spread of corona virus disease. Besides, radio schooling will take children away from the screens”, Zachariah added.

The idea is unique, as this gives opportunity for everyone to establish newer and stronger bonds at home. The activities have been crafted in such a way that age will no longer remain a barrier to execute them easily at home, said Ibrahim Abdeali, Head of Programming at Mirchi in Raipur.

The wide range of activities, aimed at inculcating and evoking values, innovation, responsibility, leadership, and self- dependency in children, will improve their skills and provide learning while enjoying it. Activities like ‘Corona ko Century Maro’ and ‘Kabaad Se Jugaad’ will teach children to identify multiples of numbers and making best out of the unused time. The activities related to mathematics, science, English and Hindi language skills will improve children’s learning while enjoying it.

In the context of Coronavirus, the initiative will ensure that children remain at home safely. It will promote frequent handwashing with soap, especially before and after taking food and after going to the toilet, playing and touching the floor or dirty object or surface. hould be restricted. It will also teach children to cover their mouth with handkerchief or tissue paper when they sneeze or cough and to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, to keep them safe from the spread.

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