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Third International conference on “Frontier in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research” (PharmSci-2020) concludes

RAIPUR: On the second day of 3rd International Conference organized by Columbia Institute of on “Frontier in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research” (PharmSci-2020) based on the theme- “Integrating Pharmaceutical Technology with other branch of Sciences for health management” sponsored by Pharmacy Council of India and co-sponsored by Janpragati Education Society, Raipur was witnessed the presentation of eminent speakers such as Professor N K Jain who addressed the participants in the topic Nanotechnology for Healthcare & Environment. In this he narrated that Pharmaceutical nanotechnology has provided fine-tuned diagnosis and focused treatment of disease. However some ethical, scientific, social and regulatory issues posing various challenges in practical realization of pharmaceutical nanotechnology. Some major health risk associated with such devices includes cytotoxicity, translocation to undesired cells, acute and chronic toxicity; some unknown, unpredictable and undefined safety issues, environmental impacts of nanomaterials and non-biocompatibility.

Professor Ranendra Saha from Dubai spoke on Some Studies on Nanoparticulate Systems for selective delivery of drugs and better activity

Prof Heng Wan Sia Paul explained the participants about Personalized Medicines – Technology for delivery in which he elaborated that potential applications of personalized medicine Personalized medicine aims to identify individuals at risk for common diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Personalized medicine are based on each patient’s unique genetic makeup, is beginning to overcome the limitations of traditional medicine. Increasingly it is allowing health care providers to: shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention. predict susceptibility to disease.

The objective of this conference was to discuss the challenges to healthcare have which have been constantly changing due to the alteration in life style. This unique International Conference shall provide a stage for all pharmaceutical scientists, researchers and health care professionals to discuss background and breakthroughs in medical field. The focus of the conference will on the interdisciplinary fields of drug discovery, drug therapy and dosage form design.

After scientific sessions an open forum was also organized which was followed by Valedictory Session chaired by as Chief Guest Professor Shailendra Saraf who is also the Vice President, Pharmacy Council of India insisted the one should keep on working working and working till the goal is achieved. Keep on attending such conference to groom your self so that you can groom the quality of leadership.
The winners of Oral, e-posters and poster presentation were also awarded during Valedictory session

The chairman of Janpragati Education Society Kishore Jadwani, Secretary Harjeet Singh Hura, Chairman of Organizing Committee Prof. Amit Roy, Organizing Secretary Dr. Beena Gidwani & Convenor Dr. S Prakash Rao were present on the dias.

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