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Opinion: Coronavirus threatens Indo-Nepal Public Health security

Article Written By: Avdhesh Mallick

RAIPUR: The outbreak of dreadful zoonotic Novel Coronavirus (nCov) in Wuhan City of China has infected the humans worldwide. Apart from detecting 2000 new cases of infection in China in last 24 hours, the viral infection has killed213 innocent people till January 31, 2020. Before the India and Nepal, install special scanning machines in airports, the infected entered the territory of both the countries. As the public health services in both the countries runs on meager resources full of mismanagement the virus may spread like epidemic and kill innumerable of innocent lives.

Reports say, the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus and widespread infections has created fearsome situation globally.Gradually, it is now inching towards epidemic. These threatsforced the World Health Organization to enlist 2019-nCoVas Public Health Emergency.World gripped into panic as the people carrying Novel Coronavirus worldwide reached 9800.

Novel Coronavirus which first appeared in Wuhan seafood market is very quick in genetic mutation as well as in infection. After infection it causes Pneumonia like symptoms include dry cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty in breathing. In 2 to 14 days, if immunity level of a person is weak person may suffer from fatal Pneumonia and carelessness of treatment often resulted in death of the patient. This viral Pneumonia is contagious and can be transmitted from human to human in the form of influenza virus, or the flu. The rate of widespread infection of coronavirus is faster than that of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2012. But fatality rate of novel Coronavirus is less than these two SARS and MERS.

As its transition rate is higher advisories were issued inorder to have precaution and check the outbreak. The developed countries like United States of America, England, Italy and others have adopted multipronged strategy to keep their country and citizens safe, including creation of specialquarantinecenters, treatment hospitals, installation of scanners and many more. But when it comes to India and Nepal both, such things seemed to be not moving in the same pace as it was expected.

Novel Coronavirus infection cases

Total infection – 9800
China – Maximum cases
18 Countries – 98 cases
Thailand – 14 cases
Japan – 11
Hong Kong – 10, Singapore -10
Taiwan -8
Australia -7, Malaysia- 7, Macau- 7
France -6, United States- 6,
South Korea -4, Germany -4 ,United Arab-4, Emirates –4
Canada -3
Vietnam – 2 Italy-2
India-1, Philippines-1, Nepal-1, Cambodia-1, Sri Lanka-1, Finland -1

Far away from Wuhan, one positive case of nCov has been detected in Tibet, one in Kerala and one in Kathmandu.

Nepal media reports that altogether there are 3 cases of nCov detected in Nepal out of which one  Nepal origin American lady was found positive. A patient suspected of coronavirus infection, admitted at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, was discharged from the hospital on January 28 when provided by the National Public Health Laboratory found. It was alleged that the patient was discharged before test report from China is tabled.

Local media and public hurls several question over the decision as some media reports said that National Public Health Laboratory of Nepal does not have facility to confirm the test reports. They first send it to China and before getting the reports taking such actions is highly negligent act. People also complained that Nepal government geared up to screen the suspects only when WHO pulled them. This is horrific.

The situation is not only horrible for Nepal only. It will impact India in the same way. If coronavirus infected patients infiltrate to India and remain undetected then it may create epidemic in India.
It should be noted that Nepal is buffer state between India and China and India shares 1,758 km long porous and open international border with Nepal which passes through Himalayan territories as well as Indo-Gangetic Plains. Nepal border connects most populated states of India such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Sikkim.

Two days, ago when outbreak of coronavirus started created panic worldwide Indian government has instructed doctors posted in borders areas to put an eye on it. Except issuing advisories, no special training orequipment, kits, and medicines have been provided to the doctors to diagnose the infected. Special quarantine centres are yet to be made. Thus, putting the infected intospecially created isolationcentres will be just making castles into air.

Unfortunate thing associated with the outbreak of nCov is that no vaccine is developed till this date.
Secondly, in both the countries India and Nepal Public Health Services operate in meager resources, many-a-times under the faulty administration. Corruption, carelessness, redtapeism often reported derailed the government supported Public Health Services. Majority of the people who died to medical negligence belonged to poor classes.

If proper action will not be initiated by responsible authorities in time then no doubt nCov may play havoc in India.Many innocent lives will be lost.

Hereby people from China are not only coming through planes but there are various routes through which they sneak into India. The Indo-Nepal porous border will be an easy route for them.

Disclaimer: This Article is personal view of Author contributor, website at any point is not responsible for the views expressed in the article.


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