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Chhattisgarh / Human trafficking: Youth goes to work, body returns

SURAJPUR: The villagers of Surajpur-Biharpur-Chadni area came for a surprise when a body of a minor boy was brought to village from Telangana on Thursday by a labour contractor. The villagers alleged contractors in name of providing better wages are alluring local unemployed youths and them supplying them to different states of country. These youths are then kept as bonded labourers for long periods.

According to father of deceased, “My son Surajbali Singh along with another boy was allured by the labour countractor Suraj Thakur who assured them higher pay at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and took them there. From there both of them were taken to Hyderabad and sold to one Ramkumar, also a labour contractor. The said contractor had kept both of them as bonded labourers and indulged them in bridge construction. On January 13, the youth had gone to procure steel rods and where travelling on a tractor which overturned resulting in death of Surajbali on the spot.”

He added that even after which the contractor did not inimate the death but instead brought the body to native village. The villagers and victim family staged demonstration before Biharpur-Chadni police station and sought stern action against the contractor. The villagers had kept the body on road and demonstrated causing traffic snarl. Police later convinced them and removed the blockade.

Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kukreja said, “I have got the information regarding death in accident and based on complaint of family members, probe will be done. We do not have any information regarding human trafficking but awareness campaign will be launched.”

According to villagers, in remote villages from Surajpur headquarters, there is lack of implementation of government schemes creating shortage of employment. The advantage is taken by the labour contractors to lure the unemployed youth and villagers in name of providing higher wages. More than 150 youth are working outside the state as per villagers.

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