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Columbia Institute of Pharmacy: Third International Conference inaugurated

RAIPUR: The 3rd International Conference by Columbia Institute of Pharmacy a leading institution of Central India & an NBA Accredited as well as DST FIST Government of India sponsored institution for Post Graduate Course on “Frontier in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research” (PharmSci-2020) based on the theme- “Integrating Pharmaceutical Technology with other branch of Sciences for health management” sponsored by Pharmacy Council of India and co-sponsored by Janpragati Education Society, Raipur was inaugurated by Mudit Kumar Singh, Director General, Chhattisgarh Council for Science and Technology, in his address as the Chief Guest he emphasised on that there are many research works are going on theoretical basis, which need to be implemented practically. This is great pleasure as Chhattisgarh has been declared as Herbal State, it may lead to new acceleration to the research works. The only requirement is that researcher should uncover the new & unique medicinal plants and use them for the welfare of society. Apart from this researcher should work for the global welfare rather than fpr own career.

This international conference shall have five scientific session which shall have 10 plenary lectures addressed by eminent speakers such as Prof. Chul Soon Yong of South Korea, Prof S S Handa of India & Prof. Nalini Shastri of NIPER Hyderbad, Prof. U S Mahadeva Rao of Malaysia, Mr. Avadesh Thassu of Kolkata, Prof. Vandana Patrawale of Mumbai, Prof. Paul Ho & Dr. Paul Heng Wen Sia of Singapore, Prof. Ranendra Saha of Dubai on the different topics based on the theme of conference.

The objective of this conference is that the challenges to healthcare have been constantly changing due to the alteration in life style. This unique International Conference shall provide a stage for all pharmaceutical scientists, researchers and health care professionals to discuss background and breakthroughs in medical field. The focus of the conference will on the interdisciplinary fields of drug discovery, drug therapy and dosage form design.

In the scientific sessions plenary lecture 1 was addressed by Prof. S S Handa on the topic- Medicinal Plants: rich Repository of Health Care Products: Challenges & Opportunities, in which it was elaborated that

Plenary lecture 2 was by Prof. U S Mahadeva Rao from Malaysia on the topic- Is Metobolic Syndrome Insulin Driven under this he narrated that

Plenary lecture 3 was by Dr. Nalini Shashtri which was on the topic- Quality by Design.

Plenary lecture 4 was by Prof Chul Sun Yong of Korea on the topic Nanoparticle-Mediated combination therapy for effective cancer treatment.

Plenary lecture 5 was by Prof H O Paul of Singapore on Pharmacokinetics and Neurophenotyping evaluation by of mitochondria- targeting agent for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

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