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Chhattisgarh: Chief Minister Baghel sat on the floor and enjoyed ‘dhuska-patal chutney

Raipur: Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, during his visit to Balrampur district, enjoyed Chhattisgarhi dish ‘dhuska and patal chutney’ in plate made of sarai leaves, in the house of Samari MLA Chintamani Maharaj.

Chief Minister Baghel reached Srikot in Samari assembly constituency during his stay in Balrampur district Friday.

Health Minister T.S. Singhdev and President of Sarguja Development Authority, Khelsay Singh was also with him. On reaching home, Chintamani Maharaj invited Chief Minister to take food. He said that Chhattisgarhi dish dhuska has been specially made for Chief Minister.

Chintamani served patal chutney, puri and cabbage vegetable with dhuska in the meal. Chief Minister Baghel enjoyed the food served in Sarai Pattal.

Seeing the Chief Minister sitting on the ground, everyone praised his simplicity and attachment to Chhattisgarhi culture.


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